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Glow Up Challenge: HOT GIRL SUMMER 🔥

This program includes:

🔥6 weeks of high-intensity workouts to help you to turn up the heat for the summer 🤪👙


🏋🏽‍♀️Access to both home + gym workouts

✓ Muscle-specific splits for muscle growth (e.g. glutes, quads)

📲All progress tracking done through MSLFIT app

 ✓ Core strength and stability work 

🍴Customised meal guides




Bet you’re thinking, “how is this gonna work”? 🤷🏽‍♀️


Think us as your portable personal trainer 😁 so if you or someone you know is looking for a portable personal trainer look no further 🙏🏾

Click the challenge below to secure your spot ✨ -

REMEMBER: You £25 for anyone who signs up as a referral from yourself 💋

Glow Up Challenge: What else is included?

We focus on Food, Mind, and Fitness to help you achieve an ‘overall glow’.

Things we look at during this program:

Re-education of Nutrition.

• Attitudes to food & mindfulness eating
• Importance of Water
• Best ways to food prep and track your macros.
• Allowing your brain to let go.
• Positive attitude for daily lifestyle 
• Law of attraction 


✓ Lifestyle 

• Allowing your brain to let go.

• Positive attitude for daily lifestyle.

• Law of attraction 

• Scheduling and planning
• What makes you happy - Let's do more of that!
• How to make exercise work for you? 


✓ Fitness Training
• Full body workout plan divided over different days.
• Mobility and Breathework
If this sounds like something you believe you can really benefit from, we are here to support your journey. 

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Can I get results if i workout from home?

Absolutely! This Program includes access to daily home workouts with a trainer, take a look at our testimonials and see some of the results, other clients have achieved.

What equitment do I need for the glow up challenge?

we recommend having access to the following pieces of equipment: For home workouts, we recommend access to a set of dumbbells, skipping rope, booty band, set of ankle weights, exercise ball, yoga mat and a bench or chair.

When does the program begin?

1ST JULY 2021

I can't afford it, what can I do?

Drop the team a message and we will get you on to a payment plan that works for you - AND its now interest free!!