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What can you achieve with The Glow Up Challenge?


STRONG will empower you with the knowledge, confidence and discipline needed to unlock your inner strength and take control of your fitness journey. Through completing this program, you can build lean muscle, develop overall strength, endurance and enhance conditioning.

What is included with GLOW UP CHALLENGES?


We provide you with effective home and gym workout options.

✓ You will enjoy 4 workouts per week, broken into four unique training blocks that increase in intensity as you progress.

   ✓ An immersive 8-Week Program experience

   ✓ Re education of Nutrition and Macros
   ✓ Home and gym workout options

   ✓ Customised meal guides tailored to your dietary requirements

   ✓ Nutrition targets personalised to you and your goals

   ✓ Support from our Team of qualified dietitian and trainers

   ✓ Be part of a community of positive, growth-minded humans, just like you.

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  • Can I get results if i workout from home?
    Absolutely! This Program includes access to daily home workouts with a trainer, take a look at our testimonials and see some of the results, other clients have achieved. Please note: Results don't come if you quit. You must stay committed and our program is designed to help keep your mindset right.
  • What equitment do I need for the glow up challenge?
    We recommend having access to the following pieces of equipment: For home workouts: A set of dumbbells, skipping rope, booty band, set of ankle weights, exercise ball, yoga mat and a bench or chair. This program is half gym and half home so you can go do it as a bodyweight session too.
  • When does the program begin?
    Monday 5th June 2023. Sign up now to secure your place.
  • I can't afford it, what can I do?"
    We have a range of payment plan options available. You can pay weekly, half and half or in full. Check out our pricing plans or message us on the chat box and we will be happy to assist.
  • What equipment do I need for the glow up challenge?
    HOME WORKOUTS: A variety of dumbbells (light pair + heavy pair), resistance bands, glute/booty bands, ankle weights, yoga mat. FOR GYM WORKOUTS YOU WILL USUALLY NEED A FULLY EQUIPPED GYM.
  • How can I communicate with you if I have questions?
    You will have direct access to book a mentoring catch ups every week with us. Message us directly through the app, we will respond asap.
  • How much are single classes?
    Our prices range but for individual classes but for Adults: £12 , Teens: £10, Kids: £8
  • Can I book a class - if it has started?
    You can go directly to the class and you can pay using contactless card machine. The teacher or someone from Bring It To Brum team will sign you up on the app and then take the payment and send you a receipt. Please note: We do not accept cash!
  • What's the studio address?
    The Lighthouse Young Peoples Centre. 100 Alma Way B19 2LN
  • What happens if I can't attend class?
    We do not issue refunds after 48 hours of purchase, we offer credit in order for you to reschedule to same class or any other classes we offer at a later date. For memberships: We do not offer refunds, we can off a subscription pause for your membership for minimum of 1 month. If you need to do this, you can do this from the Wix app or by emailing Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.
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