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What can you achieve with The Glow Up Challenge?


STRONG will empower you with the knowledge, confidence and discipline needed to unlock your inner strength and take control of your fitness journey. Through completing this program, you can build lean muscle, develop overall strength, endurance and enhance conditioning.

What is included with GLOW UP CHALLENGES?


We provide you with effective home and gym workout options.

✓ You will enjoy 4 workouts per week, broken into four unique training blocks that increase in intensity as you progress.

   ✓ An immersive 8-Week Program experience

   ✓ Re education of Nutrition and Macros
   ✓ Home and gym workout options

   ✓ Customised meal guides tailored to your dietary requirements

   ✓ Nutrition targets personalised to you and your goals

   ✓ Support from our Team of qualified dietitian and trainers

   ✓ Be part of a community of positive, growth-minded humans, just like you.

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