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Here is some of the amazing testimonials our clients have said about the programmes.




My time on the glow-up challenge has been magical. Nat has been by my side the whole time, inspiring me, keeping me accountable, and laughing with me. She has inspired me daily with her positive mindset even when things get tough for her. I walk away from this challenge with a mindset that’s only gonna get me to my goals and beyond, a body that’s healthy and a friendship for life ❤️


Daryl Mc

MSLFIT is has taught me how to care about myself in all areas and that it’s not all about one’s physical wellbeing. The program I completed is very welcoming and more than suitable for men also. Natalie has the ability to make all of those involved feel like they’re apart of one goal-achieving family. 

Thank you, Nat!

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nat is the definition of a bad b. her work ethic and dedication to her clients is unmatched. this is my third time doing the glow up and will definitely be joining again. she pushes you to always do better and not just settle for what you think is “your best” she is so kind and generous with her time. she’s taught me that weight is a number and not necessarily a reflection of your health as just because you stay the same weight doesn’t mean you haven’t been successful in your training you have lost fat but gained muscle. already recommended to friends but will be definitely tryna get more of the gals on board



I've actually seen a result, I've lost weight and I've learnt to be more conscious of my diet and my mindset on a daily basis. The support I've received throughout the challenge has been amazing and I can't wait to continue keeping up all the healthy habits I've picked up along the way!



“The glow up challenge is an amazing program that covers a wide variety of principles when it comes to fitness. I’ve been really impressed and inspired by Nat’s unique and specialist approach to getting fit which incorporates mindfulness practices, alongside the more traditional nutrition and workout regimes. She has provided me with so much knowledge that I would’ve never known particularly in regards to nutrition and the impact on not only your body but also the way you feel. I love how energetic she is and how much she gives to each and every one of her clients. This is my second program and I can definitely see changes in my body that I am really happy with! Commitment is definitely required to get the most out of the program, however, Nat offers a range of flexible options. If you are committed to yourself and your journey, you will be so happy with the results. I would 1000% encourage anyone who wishes to start or further progress their fitness journey to join the glow up challenge”​



Nat is really supportive and I loved training with her. I hadn't exercised properly in a long time but Nat supported me every day and I was proud that I was able to keep up! I wasn't able to complete the challenge due to health reasons but I am looking forward to training with her again next year! I've gassed Nat to sooo many people, the Glow up Challenge really is worth investing in, simply because Nat will invest in you! Shout out to Marta and Gigi too for keeping us Zen throughout this time!! X



Name:  Katie
Age: 24
Length of current progress: 7 weeks
Weight/Inches Lost: I lost 4kg

Why did you decide to start MSLFIT THEGLOWUP?

I wasn’t eating properly and needed to tone my body but desperately needed motivation and a big push

What is your favorite part about MSLFIT THEGLOWUP?

The constant motivation and positivity Nat gives the advice she gives when you think it gets hard

One piece of advice you would give to anyone who’s looking to join: expect results don’t give up trust in the process and if you need anything Nat has got you



I decided to do Mslfit because I always try to get fit and eat the right foods but never know if I'm eating or doing the right fitness regime and needed someone with the knowledge and experience to help me through it. This #TheGlowUp offered me what I was looking for to help me work towards my Weightloss and fitness goals!

My favorite part about MSLFIT is that I was provided with support whenever I felt I needed it I could always fire away questions or ask for more guidance on how to do something in particular or how to change up what I was doing to push me more!
MSLFIT not only helped with the fitness n food side of things but was always there to motivate me when at times I felt I was struggling and wanted to give up and she gave excellent advice and encouraged me to continue!

My piece of advice for any1 looking to join is yes it will get hard and at times u feel like you can't do it, but definitely stick to it and you will see results! If you put your mind to it you can get through it will all the support and guidance from MSLFIT 💪🏾💪🏾

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