Updated: Apr 20, 2020


This has been a long time coming.

I have had this idea about creating my own business for a long time.

I always knew i found it hard to work under others and make other peoples dreams a reality and not my own. So i am overly excited and proud to say this is my own.

Ever since i was little, i found it hard to sit still. I always wanted to move my body weather it was jump from my grandmas sofas to running around the family party sliding across my knees with the boys. I just could not stay still!

I was never really good a academically, words and information wouldn't stick in my head, but if it was sequences of movement, i would watch and revise it and i would know it.

I guess you can say i became obsessed with movement in general.

I've always wanted to do something career wise in either the Fitness Industry or Dance Industry or BOTH. This is where i got the idea to push myself and put the two of them together and provide a space where my clients could both enjoy themselves, get one to one help or pick up dance skills for a birthday entrance or the first dance at their wedding. Either way i wanted to build my own company that provides just that!

.. Welcome To MSLFit <3

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