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MSLFIT is passionate about changing your lifestyle and helping you achieve the best version of yourself, not only physically but mentally as well... 

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MSLFIT is based in London

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I am a writer, actress, producer, creative director and event planner. I produce work for those who identify as womxn, by those who identify as womxn, about those who identify as womxn. I am focused on producing art that is intersectional and female centred. During my training in London, I met some incredible women.With all the things we experienced as friends over the years I wanted to create an opportunity for these crazy, unbelievable yet totally relatable experiences to share via multi-disciplinary performance. I often use personal experience in my devised work- which is why I am so inclined to create performances for those who identify as womxn, by those who identify as womxn, about those who identify as womxn. Often resulting in frank, funny and sometimes disturbing performances; offering a visual representation of my personal interactions within society and my engagement with the world. I believe in creating work that is empowering, diverse, yet entertaining. I aim to create a platform for those who are often under-represented, a platform in which people can express their emotions, interactions and thoughts regarding society, politics and mental health. Most of all I want to create work that makes people feel, because unless you are moved, unless something speaks to your inner being, your soul, why would we be motivated to make change?

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