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MSLFIT training programs will be customized to you and your goals whether it be fat loss, toning, lean muscle gain or bodybuilding preparation. I can prescribe you the most effective training programs to help you reach your goals so that you can use these at your own gym wherever you may be in the world.

Whether you’re starting your fitness journey, getting your heart rate up with a workout, slowing things down with a meditation or need to quickly plan your weekly meals in the middle of grocery shop — we’re there for you. 

We’ve left no stone unturned in creating an App that gives you every tool you need to take on your unique journey, and your world.

Follow along with specialized Challenges and Programs, customize your workouts and Meal Guides, keep track of your most-loved content and follow your progress as you achieve every goal.

Our goal? To help you conquer every step of your journey. 


are you ready for change?

We’re on a mission to empower and transform hearts, minds and bodies through fitness - one challenge and one day at a time. 

And we don’t believe in creating one-time transformations. We’re here to help create lifelong change and with every Program and Challenge, you’ll find strong, powerful ,men and women who have a new lease on life. We can’t wait for you to join them.